Traditional  Christmas Dishes

Ÿ   Potato-cheese Pierogi

Ÿ  Red Borsch soup (beet soup)

Ÿ  Cabbage rolls (stuffed with rice & mushrooms)

Ÿ  Sauerkraut (with split peas & porcini mushrooms)

Ÿ  Fish Paprikash

Ÿ  Pickled Herrings with onions

Ÿ  Beet salad with potatoes and herring

Ÿ  Pan Fried fish filet

Ÿ  Polish style mixed vegetable salad

Ÿ  Kutia- Barley with honey, nuts & poppy seeds

Ÿ  Dry fruit compote

Ÿ Poppy seed Roll, Chrusciki & Kolaczki


On Tuesday December 20th – starts at 6pm


for more information and reservation please call (623) 847-7119

28 November

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