The self made chef Waldemar Okula (Owner), uses his taste buds, imagination, touch of love to create home cook meals that are usually better than your own. A home cook meal is what Waldemar will prepare for you while Malgorzata will entertain you. As a result you will have a memorable meal that will bring you back to your childhood days when Babcia or Dziadek made for you. If you don’t believe me try the Goulash, Loin of Pork and homemade Kielbasa.

Oh but there is more than the great dinners try their soups just ask for a “Shot of the soup” if that tickles your taste buds order the bowl.

Let’s put it this way you will be impressed with the variation of culinary skills and his imagination (hint try the special of the day).

Top Ten List to go to Touch Of European Cafe:

  • Bring your own bottle
  • An oasis from the city
  • Goulash dinner
  • Stuffed Cabbage
  • Fresh Mozzarella sandwich
  • Smoked Kielbasa Sandwich
  • Sour Pickle Soup
  • Bigos (Hunter Stew)
  • Pierogi
  • You leave satisfied!