Fresh Homemade rotating variety of sups served daily.

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Red borscht-beet soup
White borscht-zurek
Beets & beans
Beans & sausages
Black beans and sausages with cilantro
Sauerkraut soup
Sauerkraut with beans
Sauerkraut and cabbage
Sweet cabbage and onion
Split pea
Sweet tomato and basil
Cream of mushroom with noodles
New England clam chowder
Dill sour pickles
Cream of potato with dill
Potato bacon chowder
Cream of chicken with corn
Chicken noodle
Chicken and home made dumplings
Cream of peanuts
Cream of asparagus
Cheddar broccoli
Beef mushroom barley
Beef tripe
Cream of cauliflower
Cream of leek
Cream of pumpkin
Beef goulash
French onion
Potato horseradish
Cream of vegetables with noodles
Chilled pear and cranberry
Chilled garlic
Cold butter milk and beets
Cold fruits with noodles